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The Vision, among other things.

The Vision, among other things.

April 3, 2018

I’m eager to get back on the blogging horse again after a long period of simply being lost for words after my life partner was diagnosed with stage II ovarian cancer in the fall of 2016. Since then life has been nothing short of scary and surprisingly wonderful. Our partnership evolved into a blessing and […]

Trends for 2016 – The Good, The Bad, The Bold, & The Beautiful

Trends for 2016 – The Good, The Bad, The Bold, & The Beautiful

February 29, 2016

As the world turns and we launch into another year of aspirations and goals we look to the stars (or Houzz) for some avant-garde style inspiration. Should we jump in head first and go for the gusto or maybe kindly accept the advice and say “Thanks but no thanks”. First up… Two-tone Kitchen Cabinets ^ Two-tone Kitchen Cabinets – We’ve been doing this for […]

Go Away Grey – How to Decorate with Colour

Go Away Grey – How to Decorate with Colour

February 19, 2016

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

A house isn’t just a home

A home is a place with many responsibilities. It functions as a retreat, a restaurant, a theatre, and an office. It can be a school, an art studio, a music conservatory and even a hospital when it needs to be. There are days when it’s empty and others when it seems like it has a revolving door. It must live up to our demands of being dimly lit or brilliantly illuminated, quiet or alive with sounds, tranquil and soothing or motivating enough to make us get up and go when we feel like doing nothing at all. It may groan in high winds or creak underfoot but it’s simply reminding us of its duties: to provide shelter from the elements and instill a sense of stability when we need it the most.

My mission is to help you determine what your home’s responsibilities are. I will give you tips and ideas to decorate and organize your home accordingly so you feel at ease whether you are just starting or finishing your day.

Welcome home,