Hi, I am Tiffany. The woman behind the camera. I am a one-woman-show, Jill of all trades, DIY guru, artist, graphic designer, photographer, writer, and world traveler.

I was born and raised in St. John’s, Newfoundland and spent most of my childhood RE-organizing my bedroom and making useful objet d’art out of trash. I could turn a egg carton into a magical glitter encrusted sorting tray for my paperclips and don’t get me started on all the things I could do with tinfoil. I haven’t changed a bit since. But alas, the time finally came for me to explore the world beyond the borders of my knitted artsy past so I ventured off THE ROCK in 2000 and developed a wild case of wanderlust for the better part of 10 years. I honestly didn’t *live in one place for more than a year during those whimsical years of my life and it was spectacular. 

Eventually I settled (HA! More like stumbled) into Ottawa in 2007 to see where the wind will take me next (the wind has died down a little it seems because I’m still here! I’ll blog about that at a later date). I graduated with honours, ahem, from the Algonquin College in 2009 (had a baby that year too! I’m really good at multitasking) and gained the official title of CERTIFIED INTERIOR DECORATOR (and MOTHER). 


*Random places I have lived: a tent in eastern canada, a cabin off the grid in Newfoundland (photo above), a high rise condo in North Vancouver, a rustic beach house on Turks & Caicos Island. 



I have an extensive background in applied arts and in particular textile studies. I know it’s hard to believe that such a thing actually exists but growing up in Newfoundland is like being raised in the 50’s and things haven’t changed a bit. I spent my early childhood knitting and sewing which evolved into a seamstress career in my late teens. In particular, I designed English smocked children’s clothing which is a dying art to say the least. How does this relate to Interior Decorating you ask? Well, while everyone else was making volcanos for our high school fair, I was busy with igniting fabrics to test their flammability.

This is super relevant to what I do today. I spend hours consulting clients on fabric selections for sofas and chairs. We test fabrics, we spill things on them, we scrub them with detergent, and we even rub them on your dog to see how much fur will stick. Our sofas need to be hardwearing like a pair of old jeans so lets drive over the sample in your car and let your cat take a nap on it so we really know what you’re getting in to.